This amaizing ‘tiny house’ is like a dream house! Take a look inside!

If you were building a home, you want to make sure that it will fit your tastes from the rooftop to the floor, interests, and lifestyle, right? That is exactly the intention for the design of this tiny home called the Tiny Ski Lodge by Maximus Extreme Living Solutions.

The house was built for skiing enthusiasts, Chris and Tamara, who both want to live near the slopes in Park City, Utah. Chris is a former professional kayak racer while Tamara is a doctor by profession

The 30-foot long tiny home has 240 feet of internal living space and two outdoor spaces – the rooftop deck that is above the living room and a small balcony at the hitch. The exterior is a mix of beautiful wood siding and dark blue highlights for the handrails and some of the paneling.

The little house is divided into numerous levels on the interior. The first is the location of the bathroom and kitchen. Although the L-shaped kitchen has a modest footprint, it is quite useful. It has everything you need, including a stove, sink, and refrigerator, as well as lots of storage space in the form of base cabinets and open shelf units.

A set of wooden steps jutting out from the kitchen wall lead to the second level. They lead into the living area as well as out onto the modest balcony. The loft bedroom, which has a full-size bed, sits on the top floor. Because of the five windows that encircle the loft area, the space feels airy and light.

The home is also equipped with a “sewing and repair” room where Chris and Tamara can fix up their gear during the ski season. Check out more photos of the Tiny Ski Lodge in the gallery below. Our favorite is the cozy living room!

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