Do you Remember the most beautiful girl in the world? How she looks now will amaze you

Anastasia Knyazeva was only six years old and she was gaining attention for her unique and stunning looks. In fact, the Russian girl is being described as the new “most beautiful girl in the world.”

Her mum, Anna, runs her social account where she often uploads amazing pictures of her little girl. She was only four years old when she became a social media sensation. Today, the blue-eyed beauty has over 662,000 followers.

She is not just an Instagram model. Little Anastasia has already taken part in several advertising campaigns for major Russian brands like Chobi Kids. With each new picture of her uploaded on Instagram, comments from awestruck fans follow. Her piercing blue eyes and doll-like features continue to leave people staring in wonder.

Last year, Anastacia was the face of Little Miss Aoki, a line from luxury couture fashion house Mischka Aoki. There are those who predict that she will, one day, become even more famous than another Russian model, Irina Shayk.

Anastacia appears to be following in the footsteps of Thylane Blondeau, a 16-year-old model who went viral at the age of six after being labeled “the most beautiful girl in the world.”

The amount of attention shown to the young child has not been well received by all. Many people have raised concerns that Anastacia is being exposed to the world at an early age, which may have negative consequences for her future, such as this one.

Now Anastasiya Knyazeva who has over 1.2m followers on Instagram, is doing great in all her careers. Despite the world’s attention, she still goes to school to acquire formal education. She also decided her interest to become a Pastry chef or a Veterinarian when she grows up.

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