This Family Lives in a Compound Similar to a Mini Community. Each Family Member Lives in a Different House. Take a look inside!

5 years ago, a couple from Kentucky purchased a property for the US $57,000 (about NT $1.71 million). There, they had 6 houses built so their 2 children may have their own houses, too. The miniature village-style compound has been the envy of many citizens!

The Brinks family enjoys their haven with a touch of nature. Here are some photos of their mini-family community. Let’s take a quick online tour…The Brinks compound has 6 houses.

The parents reside in one, the son and daughter in the other, and there are two additional bedrooms with guest rooms and a recreation room in the other two houses. The Brinks family is having a good time. The parents’ house is the most expensive and spacious, costing US $9,000 (about NT$270,000).

Their living area is spacious and well-lit. A well-organized kitchen is one that is completely equipped. Although the toilet and bath are small, they are functional. The youngsters use the toilet in the uninhabited two-bedroom house because they do not have one in their own homes.

Brodey’s residence is where family gatherings and festivities take place. On the first floor, there is a sofa and a TV, and on the second story, there is a spacious comfy bed. The room was quite comfortable and big. Every boy’s ambition is to have their own space to play video games.

The house of Lennox’s daughter has a more feminine feel about it. A home that has a more feminine feel about it. Lennox is dissatisfied with the lack of a toilet in her home. “I have to put on my coat and run to another house to use the bathroom when it’s chilly or rainy.”

Their small community also has a mini barn The family of 4 enjoy a picnic outdoors and have a great time together when the weather is good. This is what every family should have… respect for each other’s space.

You and your family may not have a mini-community, but respect, love, and closeness with each other are all that matters. Though we admit, the Brinks’ mini-village is quite impressive.

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