Can You Find The Mistake In This Picture?

A photo of four friends on their winter holiday went viral after someone pointed out a major flaw. If you’re skilled at detecting little details and paying attention to things that most people overlook at first glance, you’ve come to the right place to put your skills to the test.

There is one major inaccuracy in the image below. Set your timer and find the error in one minute to pass the test! The illustration depicts four pals skiing in the Alps. They appear to be ready for more activity after clearly enjoying their journey to nature.

But something isn’t quite right in the winter scene. Zoom in and locate the fault before it causes difficulties for the rest of the team! After you’ve finished, scroll down to see the right answer.

Have you spotted the mistake yet? We can only tell you that something is wrong with one of the four friends – Or should we say something is wrong with what that person is wearing?

Give the challenge another go and make sure you’ve tried your best before you scroll down any further. Here’s the solution:

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