Couple builds dream tiny house perfect for family life after years of paying rising rent costs

A New Zealand couple named Lloyd and Kylee were struck with the ever-increasing rent prices, so they decided to downsize and build their own tiny home in Auckland. And the result? A house that perfectly works for this happy family of four.

The bedroom of a tiny house in Auckland, New Zealand

Lloyd and Kylee watched a ton of tiny house videos and attended a couple of tiny house expos before beginning the construction of their home. Doing so made them realize that they don’t really need many things they have accumulated over the years.

A blue and white tiny house in Auckland, New Zealand

The procedure was far from simple. It took them five years to finalize the designs for their tiny home and discover a family-friendly home with enough space for each family member to enjoy.

The lounge area of a tiny house in Auckland, New Zealand

The 260 square foot home’s outside walls were painted blue, with white accents on the roof, doors, and windows. The couple built tri-fold windows and doors, which open up the home to the outside and the beautiful view of the farmland.

The lounge area and kitchen of a tiny house in Auckland, New Zealand

A blue couch that converts to a bed can be found in the lounge area. There’s also enough of storage under the ottoman and under the stairs for the family’s books and toys.

The bathroom of a tiny house in Auckland, New Zealand

The lounge seamlessly connects to the L-shaped kitchen with full-sized appliances, including an oven and a dishwasher. A feature in the kitchen is the unique blue quartz sink, which Lloyd found on an online auction.

A bedroom inside a tiny house in Auckland, New Zealand

The area also contains plenty of storage in the form of cupboards with soft-close drawers and a little shelf above the sink where they store their baking goods.

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