This poor dog was living in a boot in a garbage dump. What happened to him later will just amaze you!

A Serbian volunteer has been taking care of stray animals for many years, but this case was special. Once, during a walk, he came across a very tiny dog that was huddled in a worn-out shoe!

He decided to help him and as a result, the foundling turned into a happy handsome dog. Goran Markovic found a puppy in a garbage dump. Mom was not around and there was no one to take care of the baby, he was completely alone and helpless here.

Furthermore, the dog was weary and appeared to be quite weak; he needed to be rescued right now. Goran rescued him, fed him, and drove him to the veterinarian’s office. The man brought the foundling to his home after assisting him.

He rapidly recovered in the warmth and safety of his home, surrounded by love and attention, and grew into a charming little dog. The man gave him a moniker and was very loyal to the pet, who returned the kind. It’s been a year since the volunteer discovered him, and he’s lost all recognition.

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