When a couple Buys $130 Engagement Ring Set, Saleswoman Calls It ‘Pathetic’ and surprise them…

When a couple decided to tie the knot, they weren’t concerned about anything other than declaring their love and making a lifelong commitment. However, they had an unpleasant experience when a stranger mocked their choices. Few things compare to the joy of finding one’s soulmate, and creating an unbreakable bond with someone is priceless.

While many people dream about having a flashy wedding with all the trimmings, this isn’t the case for everyone. Countless couples are only concerned with saying their vows and signing the papers. One such duo from Martin, Tennessee, was inseparable from their first date, but sadly, not everyone understood their unique love story.

Ariel and Quinn McRae met when they were 20 and spent days talking on the phone. After their first date, eating chicken wings and driving around chatting and singing together, they fell in love. Ariel admitted she would have married Quinn after their first date because the feelings were intense and mutual, but they decided to wait a while. They were still young but also knew the kind of connection they had was rare.

The pair quickly became best friends and romantic partners, and their desire to get married grew daily. After two years of dating, they made a bold decision that allowed them to fulfill their biggest dream. Ariel and Quinn decided to elope. Regarding the decision, she shared: “I’ve never been this happy in my life, and I couldn’t imagine spending it with anyone else ever.”

Their special day was unique, and while it might not be the wedding other people imagined for themselves, it was perfect for them. However, before they said their vows in court, they faced a humiliating and disheartening encounter. In a now-viral Facebook post, Ariel recalled a heartbreaking moment she and her husband-to-be faced in 2016.

They excitedly entered Pandora to buy wedding rings, but their joy quickly turned into sadness. The couple looked at the store’s many ring options before choosing a sterling silver, pearl, and cubic zirconia set. Ariel was giddy, and her partner was happy to have found something for the woman he loved. In a s=hocking twist, one of the employees approached them and studied their chosen rings.

Her words left the couple speechless. She said: “Y’all can you believe that some men get these as engagement rings? How pathetic (sic).” The remark stung, and Ariel watched as Quinn’s face fell. He was upset and felt like he had failed. Thankfully, another worker helped them wrap up and pay for their items, which came to a total of $130.

Ariel shared a lesson with the employee and told her: “It isn’t the ring that matters. It is the love that goes into buying one that matters.” She also spoke about her experience to show others that love outweighs material possessions. Ariel expressed: “Y’all I would have gotten married to this man if it had been a 25¢ gum ball machine ring. When did our nation fall so far …

Why do material possessions equate love (sic)??” While the encounter devastated the duo, they didn’t allow it to steal their excitement for their wedding day. They tied the knot a few days later, and the couple was proud because they followed their hearts, undisturbed by the opinion of others.

Ariel and Quinn did not have high expectations in their relationship and were well aware that their financial situation would not allow for a lavish wedding. It meant everything to Ariel to see her husband pull together all of his money to purchase her a ring. She was unconcerned about monetary things and only wanted to be with the man of her dreams.

They struggled to pay their bills and buy food, but they had plenty of love. She revealed: “My spouse was terrified that I would reject him because he couldn’t buy a piece of jewelry. He was worried that my feelings for him would fade because he couldn’t afford the wedding set I desired.” Ariel’s story went viral online, and netizens were astounded by her perspectives on love and marriage.

She added that many people had contacted her to express their gratitude. “I’ve gotten so many messages from individuals telling me that I gave them the guts to finally propose or get married, even if they couldn’t afford a ring,” she continued. For the happy wife, assisting others has been an emotional and fulfilling experience.

She and her husband had planned to adopt two children in the future, and they were overjoyed that their negative experience had resulted in something great. Ariel was insistent that no one should go into debt as a result of a wedding. She claimed that it was possible to marry without rings and hoped that people would focus on the only thing that counted — love. She mentioned:

“I wanted people to understand that … a ring is just a bonus. You’re not marrying someone for a ring. You’re marrying someone because you love them.” Shelley Brown, a fashion and beauty editor, revealed that, on average, in 2015, partners spent about $6,000 on the engagement rings. Diamonds were popular but highly pricey, so she suggested that hopeful spouses on a budget opt for other precious stones like sapphires or morganites.

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