Smarter than Einstein: a four-year-old girl from the United Kingdom has been named the world’s youngest genius.

In the age of digital technology, children with unusual abilities began to appear more and more often. In an ordinary British family, a girl was born, who from a very young age managed to earn the title of the smartest child in the world. The parents of Alana George declare that their daughter almost from birth began to show interest in numbers and letters!

The fact that the child is absolutely extraordinary, the girl’s mother realized after she began to pronounce words at the age of 7 months. Six months later, Alana could speak in separate sentences, and by the age of three, the daughter of the couple George could already read without help, although no one taught her this.
To understand how much their daughter was ahead of her peers in mental abilities, Alana’s parents decided to turn to specialists.

What surprised the Georges when they learned that their 4-year-old daughter was more than 3 years ahead of her peers in development? Alana now speaks like a seven-year-old child. The professionals who administered the exams were as taken aback as the parents because the child’s IQ result was a record 140 points. Alana George — became one of the world’s youngest members of the world-famous organization for persons with high IQ “Mensa” almost quickly.

“She is so tiny, but she can’t picture her life without studying.” We were even worried when we discovered how intelligent she was. “She is undeniably extraordinary, but we have yet to discover the extent of her potential,” the girl’s mother explained. Alan was sent to one of the greatest institutions in the UK to assist her daughter and provide her with a good education. Many members of the royal family have previously attended this educational institution.

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