A Blind Man Holds Wife’s Hand during Childbirth, But after Birth of Twins He Asks for DNA Test

Lauren and Jeff had been married for five years without having children. They both wanted a small tribe of children and tried year after year, but they couldn’t conceive. The couple was extremely stressed about it and tried numerous fertility treatments, but nothing worked. Lauren’s health began to suffer as a result of the treatments, and Jeff asked her to stop trying. Even the doctors were pessimistic about their prospects!

Lauren, on the other hand, did not give up. “Let’s give it one more shot, Jeff. I don’t think we’ll be disappointed this time.” “But what if it doesn’t work, Lauren? Remember, honey, we can always adopt. We both enjoy children and would raise that child with love.” “Jeff,” Lauren said, taking his hands in hers. “Please only once. That is all I require of you. After that, I swear I’ll accept my fate…”

“Lauren, I overheard you. You have no idea how difficult it has been for me… I had doubts about the pregnancy ever since that day.” Jeff couldn’t bear the thought of turning down Lauren, so they decided to give it one more shot. Surprisingly, when Lauren took a pregnancy test weeks later, it revealed two lines. “Jeff!” she exclaimed as she ran up to him and hugged him. “Jeff, we’re expecting you! We are! We’re going to have kids!”

“What? Are you sure? “In disbelief, he inquired. “Yes, my dear. We’re going to become parents! Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it!” Jeff and Lauren couldn’t stop crying after learning they were expecting. The next day, they went to Lauren’s gynecologist, who warned them that the pregnancy was complicated, but Lauren decided to go ahead with it anyway.

Throughout Lauren’s pregnancy, Jeff was a very supportive husband. He had a terrible childhood and wanted to provide a wonderful life for his children. Because he was blind, his birth parents had abandoned him at an orphanage, where all the other kids teased him and no one ever adopted him. Then, after leaving the orphanage, he met Lauren. She was friendly and outgoing. He was shy, and she was a breath of fresh air for him.

Their romance quickly turned into marriage, and before they knew it, they’d been married for five years. The only thing missing from their perfect marriage was children, so when they learned they were going to be parents, they were overjoyed. “We will give our child our full attention, honey,” Jeff said one day. “As parents, we’ll be adored!”

“Of course, honey,” Lauren responded. “We’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I can’t wait to hold our newborn!” But something happened one night that sapped Jeff’s joy at having the baby. He overheard Lauren on the phone with someone. “He doesn’t know the whole story about the pregnancy, and he won’t,” Jeff overheard. And all those moments he’d spent waiting for their child suddenly didn’t make him happy.

Lauren’s conception was a miracle to him. Was she unfaithful to him? Did she take advantage of his blindness and sleep with another man behind his back? Jeff was desperate to learn the truth. He was certain of what he’d heard. Lauren, what were you hiding? Was their happy world about to crumble? Jeff had a lot of questions, but he couldn’t bring himself to confront Lauren.

Her pregnancy was complicated, and any stress would be harmful to both her and the baby. So Jeff made his decision. He wasn’t going to ask her anything just yet. Jeff pretended to be the happy father and husband he wasn’t for nine months. His suspicions took away his happiness, but he refused to give up his love for Lauren. He made certain that the pregnancy went smoothly and that neither the child nor Lauren were in danger.

He assisted her in setting up the nursery, purchasing new toys and clothing for the baby, and doing everything a father and husband would do. After all, despite his pain on the inside, he was still human… Lauren struggled on the day of her childbirth. Jeff decided to stay by her side to support her during the birth because she was in excruciating pain. He held her hand, assuring her that everything would be fine. “Just a little more time, honey. Keep trying. Everything will be fine.”

Jeff forgot how hurt he was at the time, and all he could think about was Lauren’s safety. He stayed by her side throughout the delivery, praying that everything went well. “Everything will be fine, honey. You’ve got this. I’ve arrived….” Fortunately, the delivery went smoothly. Lauren’s tears did not stop falling as she held her newborns as the doctors congratulated them. They were stunning.

However, Jeff abruptly said something that ruined the room’s happy atmosphere. He got emotional hearing about the delivery, and at that moment, he blurted, “I’d like to have a DNA test now! I’m not sure if I’m the father, so I’d like to get a DNA test! “Lauren was taken aback. Lauren exclaimed weakly, “Jeff!” “What exactly are you saying? You’re completely incorrect! Please halt!”

“Lauren, are you sure? Is that why you said over the phone, ‘he doesn’t know everything about the pregnancy, and he won’t know’? Lauren, I overheard you. You have no idea how difficult it has been for me… I had doubts about the pregnancy ever since that day. So, what should I do?” “Jeff…” Lauren began. “Put your arms forward and hold the baby for a moment.”

“No! I demand that the DNA test be performed! That concludes the discussion “Jeff insisted. “You’ll know if you hold the baby, Jeff. Please!!” Jeff reached out his arms, and the doctors gently handed him the baby. “What now?” he screamed. “They’re twins, Jeff,” Lauren explained. “Make room for our other baby, angels… You’ve become the father of two children. That’s what I kept from you in order to surprise you. We have a boy and a girl. We were having twins!”

When Jeff held his children, his tears wouldn’t stop failing. “No way!” he exclaimed. “Oh, God… Did I just… I was completely wrong. Lauren, please accept my heartfelt apologies. I apologize, babies. Please forgive your father.” Jeff held the babies close, feeling terrible about what he’d done. After a long pause, he said, “Lauren.” “Do they look like me? Do they resemble me in any way?” “Jeff,” Lauren said, smiling. “Our little girl… She looks exactly like you and is stunning….”

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