How this 10-Year-Old Missouri Girl Named Miracle Helps Her Mom Deliver Baby at Home is unbelievable

When a 10-year-old girl discovered that her pregnant mother’s water had broken earlier than expected, she called 911 right away. Instead of waiting for first responders, the girl followed the dispatcher’s instructions and assisted her mother in giving birth. Miracle Moore is a fourth-grade student from Jennings, Missouri, who lives with her sister, Taylor, and mother, Viola Fair. The little girl was having a typical day when her mother went into labor three weeks before her due date.

Moore dialed 911 in response to her mother’s instructions, unaware that she would be the one assisting her mother in giving birth. Nobody expected Moore to handle what happened next so well. When dispatcher Scott Stranghoener received Moore’s call on October 23, he had no idea how quickly things would change. “Hello, I believe my mother is in labor,” Moore said.

Stranghoener did not hang up on the young girl while alerting first responders to the situation at Moore’s home. Instead, he advised her on what she should do next to assist Fair in giving birth. Moore followed Stranghoener’s instructions and asked her mother to lie down on a flat surface after leaving the door open for first responders. “I was terrified,” Moore admitted.

Fair struggled to lie down on her back because she was in pain. Moore noticed this and informed Stranghoener. He suggested she put some towels underneath her mother’s back for extra support. Moore’s unexpected efforts to assist her mother in giving birth were cause for celebration. Moore was a little girl who had never been in a situation like this before, but what she did to help her mother was extraordinary. “It’s all right, Mama, it’s all right!” she reassured her mother.

Moore informed her mother and Stranghoener about the impending birth of her younger sister. When the dispatcher told Moore he would show her how to deliver the baby, she replied, “Huh?” Moore’s younger sister was born soon after, but Fair lacked the strength to pick her up. Moore grabbed a soft towel and gently wiped her little sister’s face before wrapping her up, as instructed by Stranghoener. Stranghoener told her:

“Please be very careful not to drop the baby, OK?” The first responders from Christian Hospital Emergency Medical Services and North County Fire & Rescue arrived at Fair’s house a few minutes after Jayla was born, and Moore led them into her mother’s bedroom. According to a paramedic: “We just picked up the baby first thing in the morning, wrapped her in a blanket, and said ‘happy birthday!'”

Fair and Jayla were taken to the hospital by paramedics, and Moore was praised for her assistance in helping her mother deliver the baby. The little girl had done something unusual. Fair was also taken aback by how her eldest child assisted her after her water broke. She remembered being unable to pick up Jayla, but seeing Moore clean the baby’s face made her feel relieved. Fair also stated: “She was extremely beneficial. I am extremely grateful.”

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