The sisters decided to make their parents a surprise. And here’s what happened:

The Schoonovers decided to take a week-long vacation last Christmas. They used to do this with the kids, but now the couple has had the opportunity to enjoy the moment together. The girls desired to take care of the house on their own. Normally, in such cases, they keep an eye on the pets and check the locks, but the girls had a different plan this time.

The sisters banded together to clean and repair their parents’ home. Each of the sisters was so taken with the concept that she was ecstatic about the upcoming works. First, the sisters began throwing various items. A large number of such items had accumulated. Father and mother meticulously kept a variety of small items in the house.

Then it was time for the old furniture to be replaced with new. The girls did not intend to tear down the walls, but they did remove the old wallpaper and begin painting. The majority of the work was done in the kitchen. Old shutters were discarded, and new furniture and a lighting system were installed. Karen will enjoy cooking from now on.

In the room, the parents had two old beds. The sisters decided it was time to go to the landfill, and mom and dad should think about something else. There is now a new double bed. The house has been beautifully transformed after seven days of nonstop work. The girls were excited to finally meet their parents.

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