‘I’m Giving My Twin Daughters the Same Name, But Most People Think It’s Weird,’ a Pregnant Mother Has Revealed.

Choosing a name for your child is an exciting but difficult decision that every parent must make. However, one mother who was expecting twins revealed that she planned to give her daughters the same name, so she turned to Mumsnet to ask other parents if it would be ‘weird.’ She received numerous comments from other parents shortly after sharing her post. “Would it be strange to give both twins the same middle name?” “After a family member, if that makes a difference,” the expecting mother wrote…

She also stated that she would give her daughters different first names but the same middle names. Other parents, however, did not think it was a clever idea. “I’d say it’s a little strange.” “Can’t you find another family member to name the child after?” one parent inquired. “I just think there are so many beautiful names in the world that it’s nice to use them all if you can.” Some people do repeat middle names between siblings, but I don’t understand it,” wrote another.

“I think it’s a little strange either way,” a third said. Others, however, thought it was perfectly normal, with one person saying, “Same middle name is fine – it’s an honor to a family member and rarely used!” “I don’t think it’s strange,” said another. My friend’s middle name was shared by his brother and two sisters. Nobody ever asks about a middle name.”

“I did wonder if it’s a bit weird myself, but I ask because not giving the name to both of them would mean one twin having two family names and the other not having any,” the pregnant mother explained in the comments section. “Giving them each their own middle name followed by their family name solves that, but I’m not sure if that’s too much.” What are your thoughts on the matter? Tell us in the comments, and SHARE this story with your friends and family!

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