There was no longer any hope of finding the 4-year-old girl alive in the forest. This is how the story ended.

Karina’s story made headlines around the world four years ago. The girl miraculously survived in the woods, where an adult would struggle to spend even one day with all the necessary equipment. Karina and her family lived in one of the most isolated and unsociable villages, with a population of only a few dozen people. Her parents briefly lost sight of her on the day of their disappearance…

The girl’s mother did not immediately raise the alarm because she did not live with Karina’s father, who frequently took the baby to a nearby village with him. However, when the man himself returned to the village to see his ex-wife, it became clear that Karina had vanished. A large-scale rescue operation has begun to save the girl.

Her puppy vanished along with the baby. This could not help the situation because there are many wild and dangerous animals in Yakutia’s forests, right in the village where Karina comes from. The rescuers realized it was nearly impossible to find the girl alive, especially after spotting a bear on their way.

The puppy was still running around the house after 10 days, but on his own. He was exhausted and terrified, and he refused to leave the yard, so the rescuers continued their search, no longer relying on the assistance of a puppy. However, a miracle occurred. The rescuers arrived at Karina on the eleventh day. They discovered the girl emaciated and terrified. She had trouble walking and was taken to the hospital, where she stayed for nearly 20 days.

She later stated that she and her puppy were playing near the forest when they went deep into the forest and couldn’t find their way back. Everything is now fine in the family. Karina is making great strides in ballet, but the 8-year-old girl has little recollection of what happened to her four years ago. The important thing is that everything worked out.

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