The Hidden Message On This California License Plate Has Gone Viral

If you own a car, you must have license plates. A lack of one usually leads to legal problems. The majority of these plates are now just a random alphanumeric combination. However, some people are willing to pay a little more money for vanity plates. These plates are more expensive and can be customized with whatever you want. However, it must adhere to state guidelines and stay within the parameters of the characters.

It should go without saying that vanity plate regulations differ from state to state. However, some of the fundamentals include prohibiting offensive plates. Another rule that is usually in effect prevents one from purchasing the same numbers as someone else. With such a strict legal requirement, one can almost expect some people to bend the rules a little in order to obtain the vanity license plate they truly desire.

In 2016, for example, a vanity plate went viral. People thought it was a brilliant idea, and they still do. At first glance, this California license plate does not appear to be all that fancy. The arrangement of numbers and letters appears to be haphazard. For those who are curious, the plate reads “3JOH22A.” This plate is definitely custom-made, and it appears that the owner was quite wise to make it this way in order to avoid being rejected by the DMV.

When viewed through a mirror, this plate appears completely different, as it reads “A**HOLE.” You could argue that vanity plates aren’t the best use of money, but this plarte was quite inventive. Users even praised the profane plates, with one imagining what it would be like if a cop had to report it: “Radio, I’ve got a Toyota Tacoma, license plates say ‘a**hole’ backward in the mirror, can you run that for me?” Over.”

But, as it turns out, there have been other people whose license plates could give this plate a run for its money. A Twitter bot recently made the rounds after it began posting random rejected applications for fancy license plates from 2015 to 2016. While the reasons for asking for the applications are amusing, the situation becomes downright amusing when we look at the reasons for rejecting it- as supplied by the DMV.

For example, a man from California had his application for a license plate called “2 DEEZ” denied because the DMV thought it might be “AS IN THE NUTS.” In some cases, people have brought in applications for reverse-engineered acronym license plates. One person purchased a request for a “Information Technologist for the Sacramento Chapter of the California Automatic Collectors Association,” abbreviated “ITSCACA.”

This was simply juvenile humor, and it wasn’t particularly amusing. What made it funny was the DMV’s response, which was “ITS CACA… POOP.” Customer: MY NEW CAR IS A LEXUS RC F, AND I’M OVERJOY! F-UCK YOU, DMV. One request for a vanity license plate that was actually accepted stated, “I have a new motor with a blower on it.”

“Blown” can have a sexual connotation, according to the DMV. There is a 1954 FORD.” The verdict was then rendered in the customer’s favor. Client: I HAVE A NEW MOTOR WITH A BLOWER ON IT. DMV: BLOWN, MAY CONTAIN SEXUAL CONNOTATION DOES HAVE A FORD 54

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