She weighed less than a loaf of bread when she was born with a 10% chance of survival, but look at her now.

At birth, a miracle baby with a 10% chance of survival weighed less than a basic loaf of bread. But look at her right now! Her child had a 10% chance of survival at 23 weeks of pregnancy. Lauren’s hopes and dreams appeared to be slipping through her fingers.

The road to motherhood is often fraught with surprises. It’s difficult to embrace the unknown and the unexpected, no matter how much faith we have. Despite the fact that Isla was born as a micropreemie, God held this family in his mighty hands throughout it all. A preemie is defined as a child born before 37 weeks of pregnancy weighing less than two pounds. Isla weighed only 535 grams, or about 1.18 pounds. That’s less than the cost of a basic loaf of bread!

“She appeared to be small and fragile, as if she would snap at the slightest movement. I was terrified, but I knew my little girl was a fighter “Lauren stated. God created babies to grow in the womb, but he has also given us the technology to help preemies live longer lives. Isla spent six weeks in the NICU before Lauren was finally able to hold her. Finally, this sweet mama and her precious baby girl could meet in public.

I can’t imagine how happy Lauren was to be able to hold Isla for the first time. Isla has grown and thrived since that time. She defied all expectations. And now she’s returning home! “I thought she’d never make it, but seeing her now is like a miracle,” her mother said. Lauren had grown to over eight pounds after four days in the NICU and was discharged to go home. It’s so God-like of Him to take something as insignificant as a mustard seed and help it bloom, blossom, grow, and defy all odds. What a wonderful little miracle.

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