This Woman brings her childhood dream tiny home to life. Check out Tyshae’s tiny house tour in this video:

Share on Facebook, share via email, share via Twitter, and share via Pinterest. Many people have a childhood fantasy home, but not everyone can afford to buy or build it when they grow up. Tyshae, 32, was fortunate to be able to build her dream tiny home and even leave her old life behind to live in it. Tyshae has always wanted to live in a small house since she was a child. Despite the fact that they lived in a large house, she realized that having her own space in a smaller home would be better for her.

Tyshae's childood dream tiny home

When she was twelve, she saw a tiny house on wheels and fell in love with it. When she grew up, she became preoccupied with her career and set aside her childhood dream. Her childhood dreams came true when she learned about a tiny house village in Dallas, Texas. She began working on her downsizing plans with Indigo River Tiny Homes. Tyshae’s childhood dream tiny house is now in her grasp.

Tyshae's childhood dream home comes true

It may be much smaller than she is accustomed to, but it has everything she requires, including a balcony, which she is experiencing for the first time. “My 12-year-old self would be overjoyed, satisfied, and excited. I’m still pinching myself every day to make sure it’s all real. Because the way I saw it when I was 12 years old is literally here, it’s amazing how powerful the mind is,” Tyshae said. A spacious kitchen with plenty of counter space, a large fridge, and a large oven welcomed her into her luxurious tiny house.

Tyshae showing her bathroom

Tyshae’s refrigerator had a drawer full of seasonings, which she loves because she can just grab them when she’s baking or cooking something in the oven. She left more room past the kitchen for either a bar or a dining area. She enjoys art as well as cooking, so she built a long shelf above her kitchen to house her art collections. Tyshae, as a massage therapist, made certain that there is a location where she can perform her massage sessions. She then meditated in a corner of the room.

Tyshae's bedroom with skylight

In this video, Tyshae takes us on a tour of her tiny house:

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