A couple went on a cruise that met with an accident, they realized there was only space for one person left in the lifeboat, the husband jumped on the lifeboat leaving his wife on the sinking ship. Many years later, his daughter found out that her father was not guilty.

A couple went on a cruise tour for their private honeymoon while their children stayed at home. Unfortunately, the cruise ship was sinking due to a severe weather event. When the couple arrived at the lifeboat station, there was only room for one person. The man boarded the lifeboat, abandoning his wife on the sinking ship… The wife stood on the sinking ship and called out to her husband, “…

“Let us guess,” the teacher said to her students as she paused the above story. What do you believe she said to her husband?” “I despise you!” said the vast majority of students. “Love had blinded me!” The teacher noticed a student sitting quietly and approached him. “Teacher, I believe she would have yelled – Take care of our children!” responded the student. “Have you heard this story before?” the teacher inquired.

“Nope,” the student said, shaking his head, “but before my mother died of disease, she told my father the exact same words!” “Your response is excellent!” exclaimed the teacher. The cruise ship went down, and the man returned home to raise their children on his own. Many years after the man’s death, their accusing daughter discovered her father’s diary while tidying up his belongings, and she discovered the truth.

It turns out that when her mother boarded the cruise ship, she had already been diagnosed with an incurable disease. Her father rushed to the only space left on the sinking ship during a critical moment. “I wanted to sink with you on the sinking cruise,” he wrote in his diary. But I couldn’t let you sink alone into the deep cold ocean bed for our children.”

After reading this diary, the daughter burst into tears. When the teacher finished the story, the entire class fell silent. The teacher knew her students had grasped the moral of the story she wanted to share with them. There is good and evil in this world. Sometimes the situation is so complicated that it is difficult to tell what is good and what is bad. As a result, we must not jump to conclusions and only look at the surface.

We must not make hasty decisions or assumptions without first conducting an investigation or exercising critical thinking. We must not pass judgment on others unless we first understand them. A book should not be judged by its cover. Those who usually pay the dinner bill do so not because they are wealthy, but because they value friendship more than money.

Those colleagues who take the initiative at work do so because they understand the concept of responsibility, not because they are stupid. Those who apologize first after a fight do so because they value the people around them, not because they are wrong. Those who offer to assist you do so not because they owe you anything, but because they regard you as a true friend. Those who text you frequently do so not because they have nothing better to do, but because they miss you terribly.

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