Bride instructs bridesmaids to have their hair cut short so that no one has longer hair than her.

A bride sparked outrage when she demanded that all bridesmaids cut their hair so she could have the longest hair at her wedding. The bride’s sister explained the unusual request, claiming that the woman is “losing her mind” over her long locks. “So my sister’s getting married soon, like in a couple months,” the bride’s sister wrote. “I’m happy for her, the guy she’s marrying is a cool enough person and they work well together.”

The distraught sister continued, “Now, my hair is super important to me, it’s a significant part of my identity and I really love it, it’s knee length and I take super good care of it, it’s knee length and I take super good care of it, it’s knee length and I take super good care of it, it’s knee length and I take super good care of it, it’s knee length and I take super good care of it.”

My sister’s hair is to the middle of her back, so about two feet shorter than mine; she has longer hair than her friends, with the exception of one who agreed to cut her hair; I did not.” The young lady went on to say that the bride “freaked out” when she told her she wanted to keep her hair as it was. In rage, the bridezilla accused her sister of attempting to “distract people from her” and steal the spotlight on her wedding day.

Unwilling to bend under pressure, the sister offered to step down as a bridesmaid and have someone with shorter hair fill her spot. The bride, on the other hand, did not stop there. Rather than accepting her sister’s proposal, the bride went on to pressure the groom into talking to her sister in an attempt to manipulate her into cutting her hair. When that failed, the bride gave up on her sister being a bridesmaid and cutting her hair.

“I received a phone call from the bride herself, she was crying, and said fine, I don’t have to cut my hair or be a bridesmaid, but please wear it up,” the poster added. “At the very least, she came to some kind of compromise; I think she expected me to feel bad and come around because when I said, dope, I’ll just be a guest, she started crying harder and hung up.”

Following the woman’s story going viral on Reddit, viewers slammed the bride, suggesting she had serious issues with jealousy and the need for attention. “So, your sister is jealous of your hair and finding a convoluted way for you to have it shorter is the only way she found to “win” hair-wise?” “Don’t cut your hair, whatever her problems are,” someone advised.

“I can’t imagine ever requesting that someone alter their appearance for my benefit.” Crazy,” said another. “She can’t tell you what to do with your body, and that most definitely includes your hair,” wrote a third. Sounds like she’s a little jealous and wants everyone to notice your lovely ‘do.” What are your thoughts on the subject? Please let us know in the comments, and please SHARE this post with your family and friends. Follow us on Facebook for the latest news and stories!

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