The ‘lazy’ cow pretends to sleep. The reason is hilarious!

Doris, a lazy cow, has gained worldwide sympathy for “pretending” to be asleep in order to avoid being milked on a dairy farm on the Isle of Wight, which has a herd of 200 cows. Her story was featured on a US news program, and a TikTok video of her antics has received over 1.5 million views. The viral video depicts farmhand John Brodie attempting to persuade an unimpressed-looking Doris to leave her stall two weeks prior on a chilly morning.

Mr. Brodie stated that the video demonstrated how Doris possessed more human-like characteristics than a typical cow. Farmhand John Brodie shot the video at Reads Farm near Newport for the sole purpose of amusing his wife, Laura. “Laura found it amusing and posted it on TikTok – I had no idea,” he explained. However, everything changed the next day when Radio One DJ Greg James played the audio on his breakfast show, and thousands of people expressed sympathy for Doris’ refusal to get up early.

“The reason I took the video in the first place was because she was the only one in the barn, and all the other cows had gotten themselves up just before I started.” They’d wandered off to eat some silage before milking, but Doris had her head up and was looking at me, and I watched her pop her head back down and think, ‘nah, not today John’. That’s why I pulled out my phone, knowing she was being typical Doris and trying to play me up.

That’s what made me think I should record this.” He stated. “I identify as Doris,” one commenter said, while others referred to the lazy cow as their “spirit animal.” Mr. Brodie was interviewed by CNN’s Jeanne Moos after the video went viral, and he discussed how Doris, the lazy cow, had always been “cheeky.” He told the BBC that the response to the video had been “insane,” with messages from all over the world pouring in.

When asked if she is a “lazy cow,” Brodie responded, “Yes, you could say that.” Doris, bless her, likes to take it easy. She is usually the last one to act. “I think she thinks that by staying back, she’ll get more fuss and attention – she loves a bit of fuss.” “It’s really surprising,” Mr. Brodie said, “but I think it’s a good thing.”

“I believe that any positive exposure for the dairy industry, especially at this time, is a good thing.” He also expressed his feelings for Doris, with whom he had grown close, as the friendly lazy cow would frequently attempt to groom him as if he were a member of the herd. “She’s more of a person than a cow,” he concluded. “That horse is brilliant; I wish I could do that every time someone I don’t like approaches me.”

One YouTube comment read. The same thing happened to me when I was a kid and riding a horse… He collapsed and pretended to pass out… But when I placed some chana in front of his mouth, he awoke…,” another read. When my sister wakes me up to get ready for school, I am completely me.” A third person commented.

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