This woman lost weight to fulfill the last desire of her parents. How she looks now is unbelievable

Sharon Blakemore is now a regular woman and the mother of two children. Sharon enjoys sports and an active lifestyle, and she is content. This, however, was not always the case. The girl has been addicted to the most unhealthy foods since youth. Her diet undoubtedly consisted of fast food, French fries, hamburgers, and a variety of desserts.And, of course, no chips, wheat, or soda.

Sharon’s mother attempted frequently to persuade her daughter to change her ways, but she refused. It is hardly unexpected that the woman’s weight has risen to 240 kg over time. Everything changed, though, when her mother got critically ill.The elderly lady was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Unfortunately, the medicine did not help, and she died after a time.

But first, she took Sharon’s pledge that she would finally take care of herself. The woman was taken aback by what had occurred, particularly the fact that her mother had been thinking about her and her health even in her final moments. This provided her with a great motivation to reevaluate her lifestyle and eating habits.

However, it turned out that this was not Sharon’s final blow. Her father was diagnosed with cancer around a year later.After that, the man lived for nearly six months. Sharon’s father encouraged her in her final days to remember her commitment to her mother and not wander from the chosen path.

When Sharon finally reached her goal weight, she wanted to get a huge tattoo to commemorate the entire ordeal. The woman will not revert to her previous habits and simply regrets that she did not listen to her parents’ advise many years ago.

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