Daughter, 13, Doesn’t Know It But Yells at Nanny, “You’re a Maid!” Mom heard this when she got home early.

A girl yelled at her nanny from the safety of her own home, but she had no idea what trouble her words would cause. She didn’t know it, but what she did started a chain of events that would end in a way she never saw coming.A woman who was not named went to Reddit’s AITA thread in 2021 to talk about how her family ran. Their lives were easy with her husband and three kids: Zoe, 8, Bea, 13, and Paul, 10. They didn’t need anything else when she was 43 because her husband was very wealthy.

At age 40, the woman thought about more than just being rich. Even though they were lucky, she wanted to plant things that would make them grateful and fair. To teach her kids to be kind, she told them to help other people when they could and give money to people who did.But life doesn’t always go the way we plan. On a bad day, an early return led to a shocking discovery. The mom was at home when she heard her oldest daughter, Bea, and the babysitter having a bad fight.

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She was shocked by how different her daughter’s words were from the values she had taught her all those years.Would the mother have been right to punish Bea and teach her how bad her actions were, or would the mother-in-law have been right to ask that the punishment be less harsh?
The shocking clash between what she taught her daughter and what she did made the mother realize that shaping values is a complicated process that can run into problems she didn’t expect.

For what reason did the girl say what she did to the nanny? The noise from Bea’s temper tantrum could be heard throughout their normally calm home. Her mean words, “You’re a maid!” “That’s what we pay you to do, take care of our family. Do your job,” came like a storm. Her mother was shocked and angry at the same time when she saw how badly their beloved nanny was treated.

With amazing calm, the mother took Bea away from the situation, turned off her electronics, and put off the talk until her husband got home. The nanny’s teary eyes showed how painful the argument was for her, which made the mother want to hear her side of the story. As things were happening, Bea was asked to put her dirty clothes in the laundry bin, which seemed like a small request at the time.

The meaning of her violent reaction was very different from the ideals she was taught.With her husband’s help, the mother carefully thought through what the right results should be. The person whose rights were being taken away was Bea. She had to volunteer on the weekends and write an apology letter to the nanny. She was also told to take full responsibility for her own health and jobs, such as taking care of her puppy.

As the family got together, they talked about why these things were done, which brought up how lucky they were to get help. The next few weeks would be a good way to see how much Bea has grown and how well she understands respect and sensitivity. The mother held on to the hope that this would help her daughter understand how important it is to value what others bring to the world. In the midst of the chaos, the original poster’s daughter turned to her mom’s mother-in-law for comfort. Also, what she did made her husband’s family react in a way she didn’t expect.

They thought her punishments were too harsh and accused her of ruining their daughter’s upbringing. A disagreement arose: her in-laws strongly opposed the chosen course of action, while her own family backed it. One important thing that was missing from the first story was the woman’s own trip. During her childhood, she had to deal with a lot of problems, like being in foster care and not having enough money. Through hard work and determination, she was able to make a good life for herself.

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Although, her husband came from a family with a lot of money, she was not. His mother, in particular, didn’t do any work, and her ideas about children were very different from her own. The mother-in-law and the woman had different points of view, but the husband was able to bring them together. Unlike the rest of his family, he valued qualities that went beyond money. These qualities came from his relationship with his childhood nanny and the influence of his late father.

Even though he kept his distance from his family, he knew it was important to keep an eye on how his mother interacted with Bea as she became a teenager. The fight between the mother and daughter didn’t go away after the event. Not only was therapy planned for Bea, but also for the whole family to help them figure out how to deal with the complicated relationships that had been made clear.

A suggestion to meet with the nanny as a family in the new year seemed like a way to get along and make peace. On the internet, many people were quick to say what they thought about the mother’s story. They told her she was right to feel the way she did and that her response was proper.

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