I didn’t stay for Thanksgiving dinner with my mother-in-law because she threw out the dish I brought.

Someone on Reddit who identified herself as a woman asked for help after a fight with her mother-in-law. In late November 2022, she posted her story in the “AITA” subreddit, which gets a lot of views.”I’m 27F and been pregnant for 5 months. I already have health problems that I take care of by not eating any kind of meat. This has made things tense between me and MiL, especially when I don’t want to eat the food she makes. I used to stay home or come but not eat anything.

To be polite to MiL, I couldn’t go to Thanksgiving because I’m pregnant and didn’t bring any food with me. I made a small meal and brought it with me. MiL made a fuss about it, but she said, “I was wrong to keep her grandbaby from getting all the benefits of meat.”I told her that I take vitamins to make up for it, but she just shrugged and got angry.
We didn’t eat until the dinner table was ready. I wasn’t allowed to help MiL in the kitchen at all. She took my dish and told me she would heat it up and set it down on the table.

After sitting down, I was shocked to find that she hadn’t put my dish there. When asked in public, she said she hadn’t received any food from me and began to ask if I had left it at home or in the car by mistake. There was a huge explosion. MiL tried to get me to go back to my seat and eat what she had set out. My husband told me to let it go this time, even though I said no. I chose to leave. I got my things together and left.

I learned that she threw away the dish I brought and told me to eat what she had set out. She said she was worried about the health of the grandbaby, and my husband told her she shouldn’t leave the party and make a fuss. His mom thinks I’m being emotional and hard to deal with because we had a big fight. Was it stupid of me to leave?

INFO! The dish I brought was meant to fill me up and give me all the good things. That means it wasn’t like any of her starters or sides. It cost me money and took work to make. She says over and over that it’s because she worries about her grandchild’s health.

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