People were stunned when this pregnant woman began dancing salsa in public, and then…

I’m thrilled. I’m perplexed; I don’t comprehend what this is or how it’s possible! I agree that pregnancy is not a sickness, but rather a natural process. Yes, it is critical to avoid sedentary behavior. Many pregnant women forget about themselves, most likely due to worry, and strive to move less. Even worse, some people eat for two. This is bad not just for the mother, but also for the infant.To perform a split in mid-air…

I’m not even sure if it poses a risk to the child’s or mother’s health. It looks incredible, and they move gracefully. Obviously, the baby bump is not a burden. I believe the mother understands what she is doing; maternal instinct is the strongest, and she is unlikely to hurt herself or the baby. She’s a natural on the dance floor, and nothing will stop her from getting down with her great partner.

Salsa means “sauce” in Spanish, thus it’s “he” rather than “it.” However, when this foreign term is translated into Russian, it becomes “it” – salsa, which is hot, sultry, and volatile. It causes the roof to collapse, sparks to fly from the eyes, and the interior temperature to rise to the point of dancing!
Kudos! Bravo! Thank you for the delight. Good health to the mother and the baby! Wishing the entire family creative success!

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