Husband found her ex’s diary and was astonished when he started reading it.

After we split up, my ex informed me she couldn’t find her diary and made me promise that if I found it in my possession, I’d throw it away without reading it. It was her own thoughts, not meant to be read by anybody else. I told her I would not read it, and I meant it. I had no intention of defying her request.

Years later, I was sorting through a box and came upon a notebook that I didn’t identify. I had forgotten about my vow to my ex and ended up opening it. I was shocked to find it wasn’t a diary. She had been spying on me and documenting her findings. A page would read like follows:
4:55 p.m. — Says he needs to “work late.”

6:00 p.m. — His office light is on, as are Michelle’s and Jennifer’s, but Jennifer’s automobile is not there. 7:30 p.m. – His car is still there, the office light is on, and Michelle’s car is still in the parking lot. 12:30 p.m. — His automobile is gone for lunch, as is Tina’s. Neither at the parent’s condominium.

She was also good at it. I never caught her or even saw what I assumed was her automobile. I never came home unexpectedly to find her not there… but she was constantly acting as a PI, convinced I was cheating on her with every lady I worked with.

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