Electric bill that will blow your mind after 12 months: shocked responses

People are shocked at how much power his Tesla used for a whole year. Considering how much the cars cost to begin with, it wouldn’t be crazy to think that the costs of running a Tesla might be a bit too high. Even though electric cars seem like the way to go, the rising cost of electricity may turn people off.People on X (which used to be called Twitter) were confused when a man showed his energy bill from driving his car for a year.

The number was definitely shocking. Everyone knows that gas and oil aren’t the cheapest ways to get around, but how much does it really cost to run one of Elon Musk’s cars? “First time I’ve had a bill in the last 12 months,” the man wrote under the picture.”This is awful.” After seeing that his energy bill was only a few dollars, he was obviously joking when he wrote that.

When a year has passed? That is what you read. The amount still owed was only £2.37, not the hundreds of dollars you might think it costs to charge your car every day for a month. How in the world did it cost so little? After giving it more thought, it looks like the process is still pretty pricey.Tesla Powerwalls are big batteries that connect to your home’s power and are very useful if you have solar panels.

The user’s cover picture shows one of these batteries. In other words, the solar panels that power your home also store extra electricity in your Powerwall, which then charges your car. But these don’t cost little, as you might have thought. Forbes says the Powerwalls can cost anywhere from $9,500 to $15,000, but the price range starts around $11,500.

Some people think that buying a Tesla might be almost cost-effective in the long run if they plan to keep it for a number of years. This makes the numbers more even. That is, if someone could please give us nine grand. In the comments, people made fun of the Tesla owner’s mocking post. One person said, “Damn my dude, post a GoFundMe. The community will rally around you I’m sure.”

Someone else said, “That’s awful.”Sorry for your loss. After putting out their newest product, the Cybertruck, Tesla went viral again this year.

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