Brothers put their twist on rock classics and impress Simon.

We all know how terrifying Simon Cowell can be. He’s been around the block, worked with tremendous talent, launched massive careers, and produced megastars. Standing in front of him and a panel of judges may leave anyone feeling vulnerable and exposed. That’s why arriving prepared, with your brightest smile and superstar attitude (hey, sometimes you gotta fake it til you make it!) is critical in setting yourself apart and getting your foot in the door.

Irish brothers Sean and Conor, 15 and 17 years old, brightened up the room with their positive energy from the time they entered. Not only do they exude potential before opening their mouths, but what they provide during their performance astounds everyone.

Sean and Conor modified Jimi Hendrix’s “All Along the Watchtower” (originally composed by Bob Dylan) and made it undeniably their own. The contestants do a two-step in front of the judges, channeling their inner rock star. Sean’s voice deliver a stanza from Jimi’s song, and the judges’ eyes expand. Do not be fooled by Sean’s baby face. He has powerful, wail-like vocals that dominate the lyrics and win over the judges. Then Conor steps in, but not in the way everyone anticipated.

The teen is “rapping” the following part, which they wrote jointly. His voice is low and fast-moving, yet succinct. He’s rapping about hard labor and being a poor boy growing up in the world before going a little philosophical and then bringing it back to land a record deal. The words are funny, playful, emotional, and truthful! It’s the ideal gap before Sean returns to sing the following verse of Jimi’s words.

The team has effectively combined a psychedelic, hard rock 60s classic with their own style of sound and songwriting. By the end of their performance, the judges were awestruck and smiling. Everyone offered good feedback, including Simon, who admitted, “This is probably one of the best auditions we’ve had…”I wouldn’t alter anything from what I witnessed and heard today. What I like best about you is that everything comes from you. Well said, Simon!

Click the video below to see Sean and Conor astound the judges with their distinct approach and sound.

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