Dog In A Wheelchair Travels All Over The Country With His Photographer Dad

Let’s meet Mel, a dog in a wheelchair, traveling across the country with his photographer father. Now, who would have thought that a dog that could barely walk would eventually travel across the country?

Mel is an 8-year-old bulldog, adopted by his father Tom Dilworth from the Yonkers Animal Shelter. Tom told Dodo: “When we noticed Mel, we went to the Yonkers Animal Shelter to see another dog.

I paused, then he put his head on my lap. Yes, it is like that! Mel was not in a wheelchair. It was not until Tom adopted Mel that he realized that there was a problem with his balance and that it was getting worse.

It turns out that Mel has a neurological disease that affects his balance. The disease is not painful for Mel, but it does make it a little difficult to get around.

Now that that Mel has a wheelchair, he can travel across the country with his dad. And he’s definitely loving it. Mel enjoys tagging along with his dad wherever he goes.

And since his dad is a professional photographer, he gets to go to beautiful, scenic places! Even though Mel loves walking in his wheelchair,

he also enjoys getting a free ride! And one thing is for sure, Mel is loving his life. So you see, shelter dogs are not broken. And they all need a chance at having a loving family and a happy life.

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