Daughter Interrupts Homecoming Ceremony To Hug Military Dad

As adults, it’s easier for us to understand why a member of our family is missing, for whatever reason. In the case of military families, adults and older children understand that their spouse, parent, or family member is gone temporarily. They know that their family member must be away from home to do their job, to help make our country a better and safer place, and to provide for their own family!

It’s a huge sacrifice, but one that all military members and their families take on willingly and with an astounding amount of grace and bravery.

Military families face long-term separation and miss holidays, birthdays, and special events. The daily life and family ties that many of us took for granted have also been lost. Although they can send text messages, emails, Skype, or digitally communicate through a variety of available channels, this is not the same as holding a loved one in their arms.

digital connection is unfair. There is no substitute for hugs. Interpersonal communication is important for growth. For younger family members, they may feel this absence more strongly. Unlike adults and older children, it is difficult for them to truly understand why their parents or loved ones are leaving every day and why they cannot feel their arms around them, providing comfort and security.

A little girl attending a homecoming ceremony in Fort Carson, Colorado couldn’t wait for another second to feel her father’s arms around her. Daniel Oglesby had been deployed with the rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division in Southeast Asia for nearly 9 months.

When his little girl spotted him in the lineup, she suddenly threw her arms up in the air and dashed across the floor for a hug, and he briefly broke formation to return the embrace. The moment is absolutely adorable and sums up many of the struggles that military families face.

Watch the little girl’s reaction in the video below. It’s so sweet, so innocent, so pure. Children have such a gift that can bring peace and love to anyone around them. Their child-like abandon and immediacy warm the heart. Please like and share this sweet story with your loved ones!

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