Tricky Riddle: What Is The Main Cause Of Divorce? Click the image and see the answer

Some of the best riddles are those that make us grin once we solve them. And the one we’ve got for you today is quite intriguing. Many of us enjoy solving puzzles. It’s likely that your fascination with perplexing questions drew you here in the first place. You’ve been asked a question, and you’re eager to respond. But here’s the thing: not all riddles are created equal!

In many circumstances, having a logical response isn’t enough. Sometimes you have to read between the lines to figure out what the question is asking. These questions could provide hints as to what the answer might be. Alternatively, they may be organized in such a way that you immediately recognize a hidden trick.

Now the riddle above seems relatively easy. What is the main cause of divorce? There are probably loads of responses floating around in your head right now. Perhaps you’re thinking of causes such as conflict, communication issues, finances, and other stuff that can cause a marriage to fall apart.

But since this question has only one answer, it’s understandable that you might find yourself stumped. And that can have you considering a lot of different factors to find the correct answer. As it turns out, this riddle doesn’t require you to overthink or extensively calculate to get it. In fact, it’s actually quite easy.

So, ready for the answer? Here it is:

Get it? If you aren’t married in the first place, you cannot get divorced. Hence, marriage is the main reason why divorce happens. It wasn’t what you expected, was it? We hope this puts a smile on your face. If it did, then don’t forget to share.

In fact, strike up a conversation with a stranger by asking this question and you may just make a new friend who appreciates a sense of humor.

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