Woman Removes Wallpaper and Discovers a Hidden Message on the Wall.

When it comes to purchasing a new home, purchasers have a variety of preferences in terms of structure and layout. Is there a sufficient number of bedrooms and bathrooms? Is there adequate room for storage? Is there enough space in the living room to spend quality time with the family? When you’re looking to buy a house, all of these basic questions come to mind, but what about the most important of them all? Is the home you’re looking at the home you really want to live in? Donna had a similar experience when she decided to buy a historic property and ended up finding something she never imagined. Was she going to reconsider her decision?

sing an older home, without realizing what the consequences could be, and this is how the story unfolded…The house that Donna had just bought seemed to be quite old on the inside and on the outside, but she was eager to start with the renovations and give it a more modern vintage look. It had always been a dream of hers to own an old vintage home, so she couldn’t wait any longer. Everything was starting to go well, but unfortunately, this wasn’t going to last for too long. She had no idea that her renovations would have to be postponed! And the reason for it, was going to be something she never saw coming!

There have been numerous reports of new homeowners discovering strange things inside their homes. There are some chilling stories out there, either left there by the previous owners or their ancestors, and this story is somewhat similar to it. But then again, you must wonder, how do people never discover these strange things inside their homes before they actually end up buying them? Truth be told… it can be hard to find, until you do some digging, just like Donna did.

Some people discovered hidden doors or basements that led to incredible discoveries, while others discovered cash or album photos that were walled in! Donna, on the other hand, had a one-of-a-kind story. She’d soon discover that her house, too, was hiding a secret. Except, this wasn’t just another predictable and usual discovery that she had made. This discovery of hers ended up being rather special and personal that would bring up many memories. But, what was it going to be?

As Christmas came, Donna decided to repaint the stairway wall. She wanted it ready for decorations so that when the railings were trimmed with lights, they would look good. However, there was one snag: the wallpaper. She hadn’t glanced at the old wallpaper on the walls that needed to be removed because the remodeling was taking up too much of her time. She didn’t want to spoil her Christmas decorations, so she went ahead and did it.

Donna began removing the old wallpaper. She then noticed something written on the wall. She gradually realized that the scrawling was actually letters! Her Charlottetown home did, in fact, conceal something; something that she had never expected to find. What were the letters forming, and what was the person trying to say? She couldn’t see it properly, as there was still some wallpaper left to be removed. But, then…

The letters formed a word, and as Donna peeled away more wallpaper, she uncovered more words, and more words, and more words. She took a few steps back a few hours later, tears welling up in the corners of her eyes… This message was a little different than she had anticipated. First and foremost, she had not expected to find anything when she began removing the old wallpaper. But then came this revelation, which transformed everything. She began reading it and quickly knew who had written it.

“I kept picking at it, and it just kept developing into this big message,” Donna explained to reporters after her story went viral. What was the significance of the message she had discovered? The letters were written with blue ink, from a ballpoint, with rather neat handwriting that was quite easy to read. Slowly, she could put the words together and had to take a moment for herself to actually take in on what she had found. Then, she started reading it for herself again.

Donna took a look at the message and started reading it. She couldn’t believe it when she discovered who had written on that wall! It appeared to be a message addressed specifically to the next homeowner, and in this case, it meant that it was addressed to Donna. What would the previous homeowner want to tell Donna, that they wrote it down on the wall behind the wallpaper? What was so special or so interesting that it couldn’t be written on a piece of paper somewhere?

The message on the wall read the following: “In this Last Testimonial, I, Cyril Beverley Armstrong, hereby state that this household was well pleased with this sound lodging,” the message began. This man Cyril had a few more words for Donna… She continued reading the message and trying to make sense of what this man was trying to tell her. It turned out to be a rather emotional gesture, and Donna couldn’t help herself but let a few tears fall, despite being surprised by her discovery.

“My opinions are shared by my father HB, mother EG, brothers Nigel and Michael, and sisters Wendy, Daphne, and Heather. “I hope that the next generation of family members will be able to fully enjoy themselves here as well,” Cyril continued in his message. When she reads the final words, Donna bursts into tears. This meant that this old home had been a family home, that was filled with love and laughter, and the previous homeowner wished Donna to have the same.

“It does my heart good to see an old home take precedence over a new one,” Cyril wrote on the wall. Home sweet home, it’s all yours.” Donna couldn’t believe what she had read and got emotional all over again. She kept thinking on what she could do with the wall. Should she stick new wallpaper to it, or should she paint over it? But, that’s when she had a brilliant idea. She thought it would be a shame to do anything with it for now, and decided to do this instead.

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