Watch The Heartwarming Video! Blind Teen’s Birthday Made Extra Special By Famous Singer Marc Anthony.

This blind young man’s birthday was quite unique! It was made famous by none other than Marc Anthony, a well-known Latin superstar. Johnny Rivera Jr. went to a performance with his father. As he reached 16, his father surprised him with this gift. Marc Anthony, Johnny’s favorite artist, was one of his favorites. Despite the fact that Johnny was born blind, he was able to appreciate Marc Anthony’s hit Latin songs!

As they relished the beauty of Latin music, he and his father danced, laughed, and sang their hearts out. Johnny’s father was coaching him and encouraging him to dance with him. The father-son duo dancing to the beat that night was a sight to witness. Another surprise awaited Johnny and his father! They were just merely enjoying the night, but someone took notice of them. Marc Anthony saw and joined them.

Marc Anthony blind fan

He at first, only held Johnny’s hand. But it seemed that it’s not enough, he jumped off the stage and started to sing for the boy! He sang to him as if he was the only person in the crowd. Marc planted a kiss on his forehead and sang into his ear, “I’m going to laugh, I’m going to dance/Live my life la la la la la la/I’m going to enjoy, I’m going to dance/Live my life la la la la la.” He was singing ‘Live my life’ for the young lad.

As if no one mattered except him that night! His dad was ecstatic and he took a video of that special moment on the side. This moving experience was one for the books! The love of this dad for his son was admirable! He makes sure that Johnny enjoys life even though he is visually impaired. He not only attends to his needs but also tries his best to give what he wants.

This is a good depiction of God’s character as our Father. He is not only attentive to our needs, but he also enjoys providing us with what we desire. It makes Him happy to see us enjoying the things He has given us, as long as they do not damage us. May this story serve as a reminder to us all that our wonderful, caring Father delights in lavishing his unending love on us.

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