‘God Is The Hero’: Delivery Driver Chases 2-Year-Old Running In Traffic And Saves His Life

Gerson Taveres was out on his last food delivery when he saw something that shocked him and made him stop in the middle of the road. He saw a toddler running across the road wearing just a shirt and a diaper. Tavares, a father-of-four himself couldn’t believe his eyes. He immediately stopped his car and ran out into the street to help the child!

delivery driver saves toddler

He waved his hands in the air to alert other drivers and avoid an accident. The kid, according to Gerson Taveres, was captivated by a game tablet he was carrying. He praises God for assisting him in rescuing the toddler who had been left alone on the busy road. When he is praised as a hero, he responds that God, not he, is the hero.

Los Angeles Police have found the boy’s guardians and say the Department of Child and Family Services will investigate the matter.

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