Where is the knight in this picture?

It’s not as simple as it looks. You might see one and the answer seems so simple to you but when you find out what the answer actually is, you wonder how you could have fallen so far from the mark. That is the case with this puzzle, and it is stumping people with its simplicity.

Where is the horse riding in this picture?

This is an excellent test for determining how well your eyes are focused. According to studies, our eyes work in tandem with our brains. To scan a photograph, the brain sends impulses to the eye muscles.

The data is then sent back to the brain to be processed. It is recommended that you train your eyes on a regular basis because good eye control is required for analyzing moving objects, identifying shapes and sizes from a distance, and reading!

The ANSWER is here: The knight was collapsing between the tree trunk and the horse’s head.

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