Funny Test: Choose a Pie and Read About Your Personality Type

Experts believe there is a clear link between a person’s personality and his or her subconscious mind. That’s how these puzzles work: even a seemingly basic decision like choosing a pie was made for you by your subconscious, and it may tell a lot about your inner self. And the image you’ve picked isn’t just a picture of food; it’s a window into your personality. Keep in mind that this is only a game, so don’t take it too seriously unless we nail it!

1. Circle. You have an unbeatable ability to make “outside of the box” decisions. You don’t like wasting time and trying to get things done in the most efficient way, no matter what it is, like walking the dog, washing the car, or changing your insurance provider. You are phenomenal at finding solutions when everybody else has already given up. You’re very practical and like to have everything in order. You’re a thinker and an analyzer.

You don’t like to show your emotions but you’re very good at interpreting other people’s feelings. You’ve been told many times that you have an unbelievable intuition, and reading others is a very special skill that you’ve developed after years of being very observant. You’re very calm and truly laid back.


You’re very creative and innovative and love to live life to the fullest. You’re very enthusiastic and love being the center of attention. You’re great at having conversations. In fact, you really can talk to anyone about nearly anything. For you, the glass is not just half-full, it’s overflowing.

You like challenging yourself and never take “no” for an answer. You don’t mind dealing with any problems. In fact, any issues are just an exercise for your brain. You like to be in control and sometimes people may tell you that you’re micromanaging them.


You have fantastic people skills and it makes you very popular. You like helping people and caring about them which makes you a very good listener. You’re a very loyal and supportive friend and try to avoid conflict at any cost, sometimes sacrificing your own feelings!


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