This girl could not even imagine who she agrees to marry!

The girl could not even imagine that she would marry a foreigner, and her mother was against a son-in-law from another country. But an ordinary girl fell in love with a prince from Chad and gave birth to his daughter, contrary to doctors’ diagnoses.

Helen had never met anyone before Abdel and kept her relationship with the African a secret from her family. The girl knew that her mother reacted badly to international marriages. She was concerned about the opinion of society and always hinted that she would not want her daughter to be with Africans.

However, it was love, and in 2014, Abdel and Helen got married. The couple went to the Republic of Chad for a while, to her husband’s homeland. And only after four and a half years of marriage, did Helen find out that her husband was a prince.

The couple yearned for a kid after two years of marriage. However, the physicians’ predictions were unfavorable. Esmeralda Marie-Claire, on the other hand, was born in December 2016. Helen now has unlimited freedom.

The woman has accomplished a long-held ambition. She works in the fields of make-up and floristry. He also works in the field of social media marketing, maintains a blog, and deconstructs individuals into archetypes. The young woman is also interested in psychosomatics and enjoys making unique jewelry out of beads.

Helen is immensely happy with her husband and daughter.

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