This girl Falls in Love with Homeless Man Who Helped Her Carry Her Bags. How looks their family now after years

Jasmine Grogan was just going grocery shopping one day when she observed a homeless man and stopped to help him. “I met a homeless man while grocery shopping one day.” I offered him money, but he refused…” Jasmine described how she married a homeless man in her viral TikTok video.

When he denied the money, Jasmine continued about her business, stopping at the grocery store to get some food for herself, but her thoughts was still outside with this homeless man. “I went inside and proceeded to do my shop, couldn’t stop thinking about him,” she says. She went back outside after she finished shopping, hoping to see him again!

“I stepped outside and asked if I could help him in any way,” Jasmine wrote in a TikTok video of the two of them. “He declined. “He asked if I needed help loading my items into a taxi,” Jasmine added, agreeing to accept his assistance. Jasmine claims that when the man assisted her into her taxi, she offered to take him out to eat because he refused to accept money.

“I asked if he needed something to eat,” she stated. “He was embarrassed, but he agreed, and we went out to supper.” And this was the beginning of their love story. “We had a long conversation about (his) life,” Jasmine adds. I went out and purchased him a little phone so we could communicate.”

Jasmine explains why she says “there was something different about him” in her TikTok video about how she married a homeless man. According to Jasmine, she got him a hotel after their dinner and she went home, but they kept in contact now that he had a phone. She explains, “I couldn’t stop thinking about him.”

He texted her to say thank you. In her TikTok, she shows screenshots of their text messages. He said, “You’ve made my day thank you so much for everything, you are amazing can’t stop thinking about you xx.” She responded, “You don’t have to thank me I can’t get you out of my mind either xx.”

After that, Jasmine asked the homeless man out to lunch, and she found some clean clothes for him to wear. Her video shows some of the first outfits she gave him. After that, the relationship continued to grow…Jasmine and the homeless man began dating. She says they cleaned up his beard, and she helped him to get a new set of teeth.

Her viral TikTok shows the man both with a beard and with a clean-shaven face. And it shows his perfect new teeth. “He eventually got a really good job,” Jasmine writes in some of her TikTok videos. “We’ve never been apart since,” says Jasmine, and the two had met two years ago. He eventually proposed, and two days they have two children together. Jasmine shows an image of the ring in her chronicle of how she married a homeless man.

“He proposed to me…Of course said yes,” Jasmine says in the video, including multiple emoji hearts. “Soon to be Mrs. Murchie.” We’re still together and very happy,” reports Jasmine, showing off the many photos of them and their family in another viral TikTok video sharing the story of how she married a homeless man.

“He’s the best daddy,” Jasmine touts of this formerly homeless man. Multiple photos reveal him playing with and loving on the children. “We are so glad our paths crossed and believe everything happens for a reason. He made my life so much better and I couldn’t imagine doing it without him now.”

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