A man trains his dog to follow his daughter as she does her homework. And this is why:

The four-legged friend of a Guiyang, Guizhou province, resident is very attached to his master and even helps him raise his schoolgirl daughter. The girl’s father can rest assured that she will complete her homework because his beloved dog will undoubtedly follow her! “I raised my dog very well and correctly.”

The dog does not allow the girl to be distracted and carefully controls the entire process of completing school homework. I started training him from the beginning, and he now obeys all of my commands.

I told him to keep an eye on my daughter while she studied and showed her the coffee table. “And now he will control the girl so that she is not distracted from her studies and does not pick up her phone,” said the smart dog’s proud owner.

The man intends to train his dog to work with other teams. He claims that the dog is extremely intelligent and perceives everything quickly. And the kids adore her, despite the fact that she strictly adheres to the lessons. And what are your thoughts on such an approach to education in the world of technological development?

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