7XL dresses and 122kg are a thing of the past. What the couple did

There is a stereotype that after the wedding, the spouses become very lazy and find it increasingly difficult to stay in shape. It’s even more difficult if the spouses have similar food preferences. Chantal and Grant met when they were 130 and 172 kilograms, respectively.

They were dissatisfied with their appearance, but they enjoyed eating fast food and drinking carbonated beverages even more. When the couple formalized their relationship, they simply ignored their appearance.

They were even heavier. Chantal was required to wear a 7XL dress. And even after the wedding, they continued to eat only fast food and order food from restaurants, being too lazy to even go out. The issue was enormous, and the couple was in no hurry to solve it.

It wasn’t until Chantal and Grant’s real health problems started that they realized they needed to change their lives. The infatuated couple decided to take drastic measures. They had stomach surgery and began following the most stringent diet. They managed to lose 122 kilograms for two people in a year. Simply an unrealistic outcome.

And Chantal and Grant have no intention of stopping there. They are now completely unrecognizable. The couple also decided to do a new wedding photo shoot, in which they are now stunning.

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