After the birth of her son, the mother asked the last question and closed her eyes forever

Although no one doubts that a mother will always do everything for her child, it can be difficult to believe in some women’s dedication. Wes and Carisa Bagal of Colorado, USA, were looking forward to the birth of their son, not realizing what a terrible decision they would have to make. Karisa packed her belongings and went to the hospital with her husband when the deadline arrived.

She posted her last photo “with her stomach” on her Facebook page early in the morning, with the caption, “The only reason to wake up this morning is the birth of a baby.” However, following a routine prenatal examination, the couple received devastating news: doctors discovered a complication known as amniotic embolism waters – the entry of amniotic fluid into the mother’s bloodstream.

This complication is extremely dangerous to both the mother and the fetus’s lives. The doctors warned that the child’s heart might not be able to withstand the strain and decided to perform an emergency caesarean section. Karise was given two options: general anesthesia, which would make the procedure safer for the mother, or minimal anesthesia, which is safer for a child but extremely dangerous for a woman.

But the future mother was certain that the doctors should do everything in the best interests of the baby. Declan was born not long after that. Karisa inquired about her son’s weight and was informed that he weighed 3,400 pounds. These words, along with her son’s first cry, were the last she heard in her life. She died not long after that. Weight admits that he is terrified of the moment when his son inquires about his mother’s whereabouts and what happened to her.

He only hopes that his son will not blame himself and will remember that his mother loved him more than life itself. “Take care of those you love,” the man says, his eyes welling up with tears. Declan is always surrounded by family, and his father tries to spend as much time as possible with him.

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