‘All My Children’ actor Alec Musser’s cause of death revealed

The San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office said the star killed himself three days after he died too soon.The 50-year-old man was found by his fiancée Paige Press at their home in Del Mar, California, on January 13.

A press statement said that Press saw Musser alive for the last time on Friday night. The next morning, Saturday, she found him “slumped forward on the bathroom floor” with a gun close.

The medical inspector said it looked like he killed himself with a gun. Musser played Del Henry on All My Children and also starred with Adam Sandler on Rita Rocks, Road to the Altar, Desperate Housewives, and Grown Ups.

“I liked this guy. I can’t believe he’s gone. What a great, funny, good man. I’m giving all my love to Alec Musser and his family. Sandler wrote about her in an Instagram post: “A true great sweetheart of a person.”

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