One Briefcase Doesn’t Belong In The Bunch. How Quickly Can You Point Out The Odd One?

Do you have any free time at the moment? So, it’s fantastic that you’ve arrived. Solving puzzles is a great way to pass the time while simultaneously exercising both your mind and eyes!

This enjoyable and simple brainteaser gives you the opportunity to put your skills to the test. The graphic has letters Z, but the numerals 2 are hidden among them. How many do you think you can find?

And the good news is that we have a pretty cool one for you today. ‘Spot the difference’ games have always been popular. You don’t need to have an extra set of math skills or a genius mind to figure it out.

This particular one requires you to spot the briefcase that’s different from the rest. There is a bunch of briefcases in the image below. They all seem quite similar upon first glance: same size, shape, and even color. But we can assure you that one of them is different.

Your task with this puzzle is to find the case that’s different. If this sounds hard, don’t be discouraged. Just remember that the odd one out will have a feature that others don’t, or vice versa.

We do hope you had fun with this simple puzzle. But don’t enjoy it alone. This is the part where you share with your friends and loved ones so they can have a blast, too.

Do you need more inspiration today? Here is a quick and easy tutorial to boost your creativity to the maximum!

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