For Whom Each Week Irish Man Makes 50 Takeout Curry Meals?

Every Monday night, a generous Irish guy spends his time preparing 50 curry dishes for the homeless. Brian Birkett, a nice man who lives on a little pension, makes it a point to help feed hundreds of homeless people in Dublin, Ireland, every week!

Brian goes grocery shopping before preparing a traditional Irish takeaway meal known as a 4-in-1, which consists of rice, fries, chicken, and curry sauce.

Brian pays for the meals out of his own pocket and donates his time to the organization A Lending Hand, a collection of great people whose hearts are moved to do what they can to support Dublin’s homeless.

They serve warm meals and also provide sleeping bags and daily essentials for the homeless living on their streets. “Helping the Homeless and anyone who may be struggling, from families,

old people, people in tents and families in emergency accommodation, in Dublin… where we can,” A Lending Hand’s Facebook page says. Keira, who helps run A Lending Hand, shared that their group tries to make as many meals as possible each Monday for the homeless.

“We all cook every Monday night from our homes and make sandwiches, collect clothes, toiletries, and sleeping bags. It all comes out of our own pockets as we are not registered,” Keira shared.

“Brian comes into town every Monday and drops his curries off to us and we serve the people of Dublin in need. He’s a good friend – we all are, we’re like a family now.”

Brian has received training from a high-level chef from India, so his curry is extra delicious. I’m delighted to be able to cook, having been trained by a master chef from India. It gives me great solace to be able to bring a hot meal to those hungry and homeless,” Brian shared.


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