Woman asks people to not eat the food at her sister’s wedding after revealing its origin.

Weddings are stressful enough without adding difficulties. One Reddit user was upset and surprised when her mother recycled her wedding leftovers months later. There are frugal folks and others; this article will focus on the former. A Reddit member asked if she was in the wrong on her older sister’s wedding day after discovering something alarming about the meal.

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To provide context, the social media user stated that she, 26, and her husband, 27, were married eight months prior. They had a large wedding ceremony planned for 200 guests. They had planned to donate any leftover wedding food to a soup kitchen where they worked, but the mother of the original poster (OP) had other ideas. She kept all of the leftover food in a garage freezer, unknown to her daughter.

This is where things became strange and dangerously unhealthy.OP’s sister, 30, and her husband had been dating for around a decade when they chose to marry for tax reasons. The couple preferred a courthouse wedding, but OP’s mother pushed them to let her arrange a more expensive event.OP’s sister caved and agreed to a small ceremony with 50 guests, but because she disliked people and loathed planning, she let their mother manage everything.

Everyone only had to turn up and enjoy the event.OP thought her sister’s ceremony was nice, but something seemed off when the buffet was displayed. She noted that the meal looked precisely like hers, but more dried out and sad. The Redditor took time to confront her mother, who verified her thoughts by saying she had saved a lot.OP’s mother had frozen the leftovers for months and was now serving them to guests.

When the poster stated her concerns, her mother became agitated, telling her not to be a “snob,” and that she should be grateful that the food was not going to waste. OP protested that the leftover food would never have gone to waste in the first place, but her claim was dismissed. Not wanting to cause a scene but concerned about the guests being ill, the Redditor snuck away to speak with the bride. Her older sister was very humiliated by the reality.

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She admitted to hearing their mother remark something about saving money, but didn’t investigate it because she didn’t want to pay a large bill like OP. The older sibling advised OP not to eat the dish and thanked her for the warning. However, the Reddit member did not leave things there. Because nothing was being done to improve conditions, OP and her husband decided to take matters into their own hands.

The couple quietly warned attendees to be wary about the food, but the rest of the celebration ran smoothly.The OP’s mother was condemned for being cheap, and relatives felt the Redditor purposefully made her family look bad. They thought the food was fine because it had been frozen and defrosted for her sister’s wedding. OP added,”They say no one would have known if I didn’t make a stink over it.”

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The OP was curious to know if she had done anything illegal and confessed that she had posted to Reddit seeking advice. She wanted to know whether she should apologize or not. Reddit users did not disappoint with their comments. One person was certain that the OP was not mistaken. The reader believed that the main issue was not that the food was preserved for eight months, but rather that it sat on the buffet table at OP’s wedding for whatever long before being loaded into her mother’s car and frozen. They said, “This is not only tacky, but extremely dangerous.”

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